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All the owners of Target gift cards or Target prepaid cards can check the current card balance and handle their card account through the online portal. is the official portal where users can access their registered account.

Since most of the users cannot check the card balance waiting in a queue, it is very important that users keep track of the accessible balance on the card to manage the finances easily with Meanwhile, users can check out some FAQs hereby:-

Is the MyBalanceNow Login portal legal?

Yes, the login portal works as a legal business. Users can find official consent and the legal agreement at the official site.

How to top up the Target gift card?

It’s significant to note that users can recharge the gift card every time they shop at the Target gift shop with perks. Each Target store has the opportunity of recharging the card with the particularized amount.

Do users have to provide their unique social security number?

No, users are not required to provide their social security number every time.

Can I check the balance if the Target card expires?

Once the Target gift or prepaid card expires, users will no longer be able to check their account balance at

Where Target gift cards can be used?

The Target MyBalanceNow Visa Gift Card can be accepted at any US Target store that permits Visa debit cards. However, the cards cannot be utilized at ATMs.

Can the credentials for My Balance Now like username and password be reset?

Yes, registered users can easily reset their username and password. To do this, they are required to go to settings and select the reset option by following the on-screen institutions.

Does the MyBalanceNow Login portal share user data with third parties?

No, the MyBalanceNow Login portal does not give any users’ data to third parties as the data remains entirely private.